About Us

Mission Statement:

Moms Evolution focuses on living a life of being physically fit, well balanced and energized! This program was built on the idea to help moms complete a change within themselves both physically and mentally.  Every mom desires to be at their best, and by taking steps forward to become a fit mom, is the first step to gaining back that self esteem you thought you would never feel again.    

About us:

Moms Evolution understands the physical and mental demands placed on your body during pregnancy, childbirth, and into motherhood.  We are committed to eliminating the failure and frustration that many women feel with their post-pregnancy body. We help our clients learn how to embrace and love their new body by helping them sculpt it to the best it can be. We attack and challenge those mommy muscles that were used and abused during pregnancy and childbirth that we all long to get back.

For our prenatal moms, we show them how to embrace their beautiful body during pregnancy. We all know that during those nine months our bodies go through so much change. By staying fit and healthy during pregnancy we eliminate those “predestined hardships.”  

Through our specially designed class, we integrate cardiovascular, strength and core training to help make your body stronger, leaner and healthier. During our Personal Training sessions, whether one on one or in a small group session, we dig deeper to bring out your ultimate fitness desire and hold you accountable for reaching your goal.  All the while, we are there to guide you along the way!

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